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A Compendium of Premium Collectible Fine Collectibles and Militaria of All Countries and All Wars

Featuring the Art, Silver Service, Silverware, Personality Items, and Regalia of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun-Hitler, Hermann Göring, Albert Speer, Heinrich Himmler, Martin Bormann, Reinhard Heydrich, and others of the Third Reich.

Now listing thousand of items, if you don't see it feel free to email us and we will do our best to find it.  We specialize in High End German/American memorabilia.

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Treasure Trove

TREASURE TROVE: The Looting of the Third Reich personally signed and dedicated reference book is available here!

A description of content and ordering information is available by clicking on the cover image of the book at the left or here.

Hitler Items Hitler Personality Items

Personal items, Silverware, Stationery and paper items, Berlin Reich Chancellery items, several articles, and similar content are featured on two pages

Adolf Hitler I and Adolf Hitler II.

New content added continuously CLICK HERE

Göring Items Hermann Göring Personality Items

A selection of items from Hermann Göring, including items from his first marriage to Carin von Fock and second marriage to Emmy Sonnemann, Reichsmarschall and political items, Personal and State Silverware, and similar items.

Eva Braun Items Eva Braun Personality Items

A selection of items once belonging to Eva Braun -- long-time mistress and eventual wife of Adolf Hitler. Personal items, Silverware, jewelry and other items.

Hitler Artworks Original Hitler Art and Artworks

A sample of a number of original Adolf Hitler artworks, most dating from 1908-1913 during his Vienna years prior to World War I. Postal size, miniatures, and larger format paintings are shown and described in detail.

Corkscrews Once Used by Hitler, Goering, Speer and Heydrich
Original Hitler Art and Artworks

Original Hitler Art and Artworks

Original Hitler Art and Artworks

A Massive Collection of Boar Tusks and stag horn corkscrews once used by Hitler, Goering, Speed and Heydrich.

Silverware of the Third Reich

A sample of some of the silver flatware of high ranking members of the Third Reich, including Hitler, Goring, Himmler, Eva Braun, and others.

We have added an Albert Speer section, with his distinctive intertwined AS monogram.

China of the Third Reich

A sample of some of the china and porcelain of high ranking members of the Third Reich, including Hitler, Goring, Eva Braun, Deutsche Reichsbahn, Deutsche-Reederei Zeppelin, and others. Featured makers include Meissen, several SS-Allach patterns, Sévrčs, Royal Bayreuth, and others.

We have just added more pieces to the Allach section, with the distinctive AH Gold Eagle monogram.

Aviation Pioneers
Early USA Aviation Pioneers Signed and Unsigned PERIOD Photographs & Others
Autographs, Signed Photographs, and Documents

Autographs, signed documents, signed photographs and similar items from noted World War II leaders, including Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Emperor Victor Emanuel III, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S Truman, von Hindenburg, Goebbels, Göring, Hess, Himmler, Streicher, Degrelle, Remer, Galland, and others

Featured this month: A unique and significant historical document lot: The ORIGINAL appointment of von Rundstedt as General of the Infantry and Commander of Gruppenkommando I at Berlin, signed by v. Hindenburg and v. Schleiter, and cover letter signed by v. Hindenburg. Check them out here.

We have added some German Military IDed documents, including an outstanding Grossdeutschland Panzer lot and a Kriegsmarine Heroism award document lot. See them here.

The Colonel J. Bryan Hobbs, US Army (Retired) collection of early 20th Century military leader autographs. Included are many generals, Medal of Honor recipients, Inventors, US Presidents, and Allied military leaders. See a portion of the collection available here.

Newly Added:
    1.   U-Boat Commanders signed photographs.   page 1,  page 2.
     2.  Luftwaffe Knights Cross Holders Signed Photographs, etc.




We have a number of images of photographs and artifacts of specialty interest. Many new photographs have been added in recent weeks, especially in the German WWII sections, which have been expanded significantly. A number of Hoffmann original period photographs are currently being added.

We have added a section some of the "New Buckles of the Old West" as pictured and described in Campbell's book of the same name. These are interesting curios, and while not period to the Old West (they were made in the 1960s), they are interesting for the variety and subject matter. See them here.

We have added a selection of military, civilian, sweetheart, foreign aviation, and veteran wing badges. You can see them here, or click on the image of the US Navy aviator wing at the left. This section is being populated now with more on the way.

Please be advised, this is a work in progress, but most of the photos have descriptions and prices listed. If you have an interest in one or more of the photographs you see, then please email us for details and a quote.

Collectible Militaria

A sample of premium militaria from all countries and all wars, featuring a number of artifacts of the Third Reich, including medals, decorations, daggers and other edged weapons, and similar items.

New! We have split the Third Reich medals and badges sections to accommodate dozens of new additions. We have added several dozen tinnies and pins to several new pages. We've added a page for German SS Foreign Volunteer Insignia. New separate pages added for Italy and France militaria. We have expanded the Imperial German page with new content as well. Other countries militaria is being added as time permits. Check them out! New items being continuously added at this writing.

US Militaria has been expanded to include bullion patches and other unit insignia.

We have acquired a very scarce NEMA Model 45 cipher machine, check it out! We have added an entire section of espionage and clandestine warfare items from the US OSS/CIA, British SOE/MI-9.

United States - Imperial Germany - Germany - Italy - France - Japan - Other Countries

Zeppelin and Airship Items

This is a section devoted to rigid and lighter than air airships, including German Zeppelins, US Navy Zeppelins, US Army balloons and blimps, and similar early aircraft. There are named lots, photographs, badges, logs, skin material, and other items.

Featured in this section: A very historic group of US Army aviator Edward Douglas's USS SHENANDOAH (ZR-1) memorabilia. Douglas was one of very few US Army personnel assigned to the US Navy airships in the 1920s.


Obsolete and Retired Badges from the Military, Police, Fire, Press & Railroad Badges from Private, City, County, State, Federal, and Foreign agencies dating from the 19th century to World War II.


Headgear, including visor hats, side hats, helmets and liners, and specialty headgear from the US, German, Japanese, Italian, Viet Cong, and others from WWI, WWII, Korea and the Cold War and the Vietnam War.

We have moved German helmets and World War I helmets (including US and UK painted helmets) to separate pages. New content added 12 Jan 2008.

Other Country Combat Helmets
Military Posters

Posters and charts suitable for framing of various subjects relating to the military of the world from all ages.

Alaskan Eskimo Treasures
Nineteenth century and earlier Alaskan Eskimo treasures noted to be obtained during a persons expedition to Point Hope Alaska in the early 20th century.
Fine Collectibles

A selection of items of collector interest from all wars and all eras including artworks, autographs, documents, and similar items.

Also Combat Artist and Combat Artworks are available.

We have New York Yacht Club "America" mementos and a number of early firearms related Winchester and Remington advertising items on our Americana page.

TIME Magazine Signed Covers

A selection of TIME magazine covers with signatures or documents spanning the years 1954 to 1970. These covers are from the noted Eric M. McComb collection, as described in the April 19, 1999 issue of TIME magazine. The Willie Mays 1954 Time signed TIME cover is shown at the left.

Collector's Books

Snyder's Treasures has an extensive inventory of reference books available. Most are long out of print. Unit Histories -- including German, US, British, and others. Technical and Field Manuals for German and American military equipment and procedures. A number of collector oriented descriptive references.

We have completely restructured the books section. Books are now categorized to make browsing easier. We've added dozens of US Military Technical Manuals, and several dozen general military reference titles, with more being added each day.

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